The Extreme in car footages of the superlight BAC Mono

Looking for a street legal F1? Now you know where to go.

And this one's an official clip by BAC.

Source:BAC Monoオンボード動画


The BAC Mono, in detail.

Why not take a look at the details of the (soon to be) my favorite supercar of the year 2011, BAC Mono.

Front suspension can be seen between the two layered front spoiler.
Air passes through here to reach the mid mounted radiators, a layout popularly seen in real Formula racing cars.
Four front lights are (from top to bottom) parking, low beam, turn indicator, high beam (the low and high may be the other way round).

From the side. Turn indicator is added on the front wing (fender).
Ground clearance is 100mm, about the same as the Honda NSX. No problem getting in and out of gas stations in town.
Side body cowl resembles of the former "7Up Jordan F1".

Rear suspension, just like the front, is also exposed. Side to rear body panels are shaped to release the wind resistance aft.
"Cosworth" name is printed directly on the engine's air manifold (I think).
Everything including hydrolic pipes around the rear located gearbox are exposed. Long term weather resistace?

Rear lights are (from outside to inside) reflector, tail light, and turn indicator. Two square lights under the license plate are reverse lights and rear fog lights, with license light above.
High mount stop lights are located on the engine cowl in vertical format.
Every piece needed for EU homologation are beautifully designed and located. Amazing.

The dashboard. Switches are simply and functionally located on the steering wheel. The two triangle buttons are most possible used to change the functions on the screen.
"//1" represents the letter "m" for MONO. At a glance it more looks like "F1".
The interior is mostly leather trimmed, with the upper part in Alcantara. As the weather resistance matters, wouldn't it be better to use leather?
There seems to be a very small luggage compartment as well.

So this car, not only its performance, has some excellent functionality, and well proportioned too. Tasteful too.
I'd really like to own one. Would be better if its got more than one seat, though...
Source:BAC Monoを細かく見てみる


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